Get VATsmart!

Get VATsmart with this training course designed and delivered by our very own ex VAT inspector, Simone Hurst, with nearly 30 years’ experience in VAT consultancy and nearly 20 years in VAT training.

What will you get?

For £250 plus VAT (of course!) for a 4-hour course:

Who should attend?

The course will benefit anyone who is dealing with VAT.

What will the Course cover?

With penalties being geared towards actions and behaviours of taxpayers, being able to show that you “take your tax seriously” through the attendance of educational events and implementation and use of VAT policies and procedures may just be the thing to avoid costly penalties and unexpected additional VAT assessments plus interest, not to mention giving you comfort you are doing things right.

What will you get out of this course?

In addition to the 3 Cs, (Confidence, Comfort and Certainty) you will be aware of VAT issues and how to avoid them.

Next Course Date

The next course date is Friday 27th April 2018. To book a place on the course you can buy your ticket for £250+VAT through PayPal using the link below:

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