1. How are we best to use your services?

There are a number of ways you can use us. Maybe you just want to chat through a specific VAT issue you have been working on to get some comfort you are going in the right direction and have asked all the right questions of your Client; or perhaps you want to save yourself the pain (and time) of having to research a VAT query yourself when you know you can pick up the phone or e-mail us.

2. Have you got Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Yes and our PI will cover you if you pass our advice on to your Client.

3. Are you linked to an accountancy practice in any way?

No. VATease is entirely independent and therefore you will never have a worry about the poaching of Clients.

4. How do we access your services?

You can either call us on the numbers given or e-mail us with your queries. If you call us we will not give you the advice in writing unless you ask.

5. Why should we use your services when we have access to a free VAT helpline?

If you are paying for your VAT advice you know you are covered because we have a reputation to uphold for that service. We know what questions to ask you to get the right answer and go that extra mile to provide you with easily understandable and practical, commercial advice. We are most definitely not sat in front of a computer inputting key words from your query to get the answers up on screen but are instead giving you years of experience in our answers. Additionally, we are not a faceless firm and we do not do anything but VAT advice therefore the advice and service we give is vital for our success.

6. Would you consider working on a retainer basis?

Yes, we are very happy to talk to you about a fee based on a monthly retainer. Please contact Simone Hurst to discuss further.

7. Would you invoice one of our Clients directly?

Yes – although we would have to engage with your Client first rather than through you.

8. I want to recharge my Client with the fee for your advice, how much information do I get on my invoice?

Let us know if you want client references included for recharge purposes.

9. Do you provide guarantees in respect of turnaround of queries?

Although we do not have a fixed guarantee turnaround time, we will always give you an expected timescale in order to ensure it fits in with your requirements. If, when you call us we are for example out at Clients, on our return our priority is to call you back immediately. Communication is key!

10. Would you be able to say you are from my firm to my Client?

Yes if you want us to be seen as part of your team we are happy to use your name. Some of our Clients have even set up our own e-mail address (e.g. simone@xyz accountants.co.uk)

11. You are not one of those Consultants that uses jargon are you?

VAT can be complicated….However, we are a big believer in Plain English and wherever possible we will give advice in a jargon free and practical way and if we don’t please tell us to rewrite it!

12. Some Consultants we have used in the past do not give us straight answers, can you?

By the nature of the tax, on some occasions the client has to take a view because there is no right or wrong answer but wherever possible, we will give you a straight answer and if not we will provide you with the pros and cons and practicalities to enable the Client to make their mind up and factor it in to other tax implications.

13. Can you do in house training?

Yes. Simone undertakes lots of lectures for a variety of training providers so she is well versed in training all levels and now we have the concept of ‘reasonable care’ in the VAT (and tax) penalty regime, what better way to prove you take reasonable care than by showing that you train and keep your staff up to date in all aspects of VAT.

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