VAT Returns

Be it assisting businesses in putting together simple systems for generating accurate VAT returns, performing regular reviews of VAT returns and associated accounting records or completing VAT returns (including partial exemption or other complex calculations) we are always happy to help. No matter how complex or how simple, be it large figures or small, we can provide the comfort you and/or our clients need.

Clearance of Debt

Many businesses find themselves with occasional cash flow problems and sometimes this can hamper the payment of unexpected VAT bills such as assessments or large credit notes.

VATease can help make a proposal to HM Revenue & Customs debt management unit to discharge this debt over a period of time.

EC VAT Refunds

If you incur VAT on costs in other EC Member States you may be entitled to recover this from the VAT Authorities in those countries. VATease can help you determine whether you are entitled to claim and assist in submitting the claim form.

For an additional fee, a VATease consultant could work alongside your staff to extract foreign VAT invoices from your accounting records.

Intrastat and EC Sales Declarations

The advent of the Single Market has greatly reduced the paperwork involved in transporting goods across the EC but businesses acquiring goods from, or dispatching goods to, other EC Member States may have to complete Intrastat Declarations and EC Sales Lists. Although initially HM Revenue & Customs were quite relaxed in this area, failure now to provide accurate and timely returns may result in costly fines.

Contact us to find out how VATease can assist you with their completion.

Partial Exemption Calculations

VATease consultants have extensive experience of helping businesses cope with the added complexity of being partly exempt. Whether it is setting up accounting systems to cope with attribution/allocation of purchase invoices or training Client’s staff in the details of a partial exemption method, we can make the adjustment much easier.

VAT Retail Schemes

There are several different schemes that can be used by retailers to calculate the VAT due on sales at different VAT rates and each scheme has several possible variations. Use of the wrong scheme could result in a retailer paying too much VAT or receiving an assessment with interest and penalties from HM Revenue & Customs.

We can provide sound commercial advice to guide businesses through the methods and choose what’s right for them.

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