Every business, small or large is unique. So why should your VAT support be any different?

VATease offers a tailored service that supports you, your business and your client needs, irrespective of industry and scale. From ad hoc support to training courses made just for you, we are an experienced team who understand that VAT can be daunting but, through our years of experience, we are confident that we can give you the support that you need.

The VATease way, following years of working with a variety of professions including accountants, legal practices and small businesses, is to give you the practical, independent advice as simply as you want it – jargon free and through a transparent price structure.


When Do I Need To Call The VATease Team?

Have you already spoken with your accountant or been utterly confused by HMRC? If they are unable to help, then give us a call. No enquiry is too big or too small, trust us, we’ve probably heard it all before and can help quickly and effectively.

Just remember, the slightest thing can trigger a VAT issue so if in doubt, give the team a call.


VATease Quick Quiz

  1. An office manager was going to the cash and carry and decided to ask the staff if they needed anything whilst there. One member of staff requested a dinner service which was purchased alongside the supplies for the office. Would you know what the VAT implications are for this purchase?
  2. There is actually no one right answer but, if the dinner service was purchased on the same invoice as the office supplies, then all VAT could have been claimed on the purchase provided an invoice was issued plus VAT to the employee. See what we mean about the slightest things having VAT implications?


Why Take Our Advice?

When taking the advice you are showing that you are exercising Reasonable Care in your tax affairs which is very important to HMRC should there be an error in your reporting. Such care could lead to a much-reduced penalty should something go wrong. The current penalty regime for errors is all about actions and behaviours or as HMRC like to call it ‘taking care of the tax’ so if you can show that you have taken advice then this could go in your favour.

In addition, if you provide VAT training for your employees this again is a fantastic example of exercising Reasonable Care. Again, we can help with bespoke courses created just for your business and employees.


More Information

Simply send us a one-off query for as little as £35 or, if you would like us to assist you more extensively – we’re here to help. What’s more, we pride ourselves on being jargon free and also offer transparent pricing.

Contact us today for a friendly chat today on 0121 689 3618 or email your enquiry to enquiry@vatease.co.uk

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